Economy Tree Service is now Urban Tree Care!


We are excited to announce our name change! To more accurately describe what we do, we felt that a change was in order. We choose Urban Tree Care! Same owner, same crew, same everything …..except for the name! We have had several clients tell us that they would never have called us if it was not for someone recommending us, just because of the name. They told us that the name Economy Tree Service sounds like your typical cut rate, hacker tree service that the QC is over populated with,  which we are NOT!……..not even close! Originally, I chose the name Economy for simple branding reasons, it was easy for people to remember. I did not consider the fact, that the general public, may take it as just another generic named, meth head, ex-con with a saw, tree service!  We do not want people to assume that about us and not call, just because of our name! I picked the name, Urban Tree Care, as it more accurately describes what we are about. The name came from a friend in California that runs one of the top rated tree services in the southwest.

The legal name will remain Economy Tree Service LLC, but DBA (doing business as) Urban Tree Care.

So please! Tell anyone ya know, who is looking for a Professional I.S.A. Certified Arborist with a perfect safety record, thousands of satisfied clients, same great reputation, same great customer service, same expert skill, just a new name! Tell them to call me, Scott Swearinger, Certified Arborist, owner/operator at  Urban Tree Care at 563 579 7117!


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