Tree Removal

Should it stay or should it go?

When the time comes to make that decision, it’s often difficult to make. Economy Tree Service can help you! If you have a tree that is questionable, call us today. Economy will come take a look and give you a professional opinion. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and help you keep your family and home safe. If we believe a tree is stable and will be around for a while, we will let you know.  Economy Tree Service is not going to play on your fears to convince you to remove a healthy tree in order to make revenue.

Hazardous trees are everywhere, if you have a tree that does any of the following, call now!

  1. You can’t sleep because every time it creeks you cringe
  2. Has a bum living in it because it has a hollow base
  3. Hasn’t had a green leaf in years
  4. Has split right down the middle.

You can’t ever truly predict what a tree will do; a tree that looks like it’s going to fall in front of you may stay for years, just as a tree that looks perfectly healthy could have a mechanical flaw that the untrained eye cannot see. Call Economy Tree Service for a professional opinion of the health of your tree.

Call Economy, the Quad Cities Tree Removal Specialists today at 563-579-7117